We create experiences.

Not your ordinary florist. Vincent Docquir's bouquets are a real experience, and blend perfectly into any interior. High quality, always original and always with hand-picked Dutch flowers. Floral design, from serene to colourful, from funeral to wedding, Vincent Docquir masters every occasion. A florist in Kortrijk who continues to surprise you with his works of art, always with a new approach.

"Happiness knows its bloom when you plant the seed deep

inside. The magic of the flower goes through the heart. When you touch someone, it never withers."

My story.

Looking for an energetic bouquet with soul in it?

Be surprised by Vincent Docquir, an experienced florist with a creative edge.

A loving man, who is inspired by his cross-cultural environment and by his love for dance and music. Born in Leuven and flown out to Kortrijk, where he lost his heart. Vincent found the love to design during his first job in the flower wholesale business, but his artistic spirit already flourished during his training at the ballet school.

With his floral design, the florist always goes for a full unique experience, where quality is essential. The design of the bouquet starts with the interaction between customer and florist, which involves some essential questions. Vincent Docquir distinguishes himself by going beyond budget, colour and opportunity. How do you describe the person who receives the bouquet? In what environment will the bouquet be placed? What inspires the client? It is precisely these questions that create a masterpiece each time.


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